Beginning Farmer Marketing Guide

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau Rhode Island has a population of over 1 million people, and as demand for local foods increases, there’s an opportunity to get more of your farm fresh food to local eaters. This marketing guide will help you tap into the buying power of Rhode Islanders and New Englanders, with a focus on direct farm-to-consumer marketing.

You may encounter some challenges when marketing your new business, such as choosing the right farmers market, how to advertise your CSA, or whether to sell products year-round, but the resources and materials below will help you navigate the beginning farmer journey.

There is something here for every farmer involved with direct sales. You may be:

  • a new farmer in Rhode Island,
  • an experienced farmer looking to increase the direct sales of the food you grow,
  • or, a well-seasoned farmers market veteran looking for the right forms to fill out.

In this Guide:

  1. Requirements to Sell
  2. Direct Marketing through Farmers Markets
    1. Equip Your Table
    2. Products, Packaging, and Pricing
    3. Tips for Selling More
  3. Accepting WIC, Senior Nutrition Vouchers, EBT and Credit Cards
  4. Events and Customer Promotions
  5. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  6. Food Safety Plan, GAP Certification, and Organic Labeling
  7. Selling Direct on the Farm
  8. Social Media for Farmers
  9. Additional Resources