Tips for Selling More

What does your booth look like?

  • Use a white tent: Bright light makes the product look best.
  • Show your farm's name (out in front and inside - BIG LETTERS are key!)
  • Use an attractive layout.
  • Hide those boxes! Make it look clean and neat!
  • Hang signs at eye level, not at waist level
  • Are you certified organic? Let the browsers know!

How do you place your product?

  • Stagger the height, utilize corners.
  • Use hanging baskets - let people smell and see up close.  
  • Make things easy to reach – prop up low sitting baskets.
  • Use tablecloths and coverings to create ambiance.
  • Don't forget color! Make the customers want to shop with you.
  • Offer samples, especially of unusual veggies, jams or new products.

What do you say and how do you stand?

  • The customer is always right - tell them yes!
  • If the price seems high to them, offer a sample.
  • Try not to sit or wear sunglasses - seem attentive without being watchful.
  • When you talk to your customers, it is all about them. What does your product do to benefit them? Make the product personal.

What are you selling?

  • Study the trends - sell something that is "with the times."
  • Visit Whole Foods, Eastside Market, Stop and Shop and markets for ideas about packaging, new products, etc.
  • Use a label - make your product uniquely yours – and brand your farm.
  • Don’t miss an opportunity to brand your goods. Name your pickles after your husband or your salad mix after your daughter - people love it!

Is your booth distinctive?

  • Make your booth warm and welcoming, with a display that stands out and tells the story of your farm.
  • Use photos! People want to know about your life and your farm. Make your space personal.

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