Events and Customer Promotions

Many markets will host special events to encourage more customers to come and spend time at your market. Work with the market manager to play a larger role in these events.

Plan a calendar:

  • October's a good time for a harvest festival
  • May Day could be a brilliant leafy greens event
  • Auction your jam at the holiday craft bazaar
  • Organize cooking demos that feature local farm ingredients

See what you can accomplish with other vendors!

Markets may organize a "Seniors Day" or "Chef's Tour" or a similar event to welcome certain populations to the market. Make signs that highlight your specials, post images on your table that show your customers what a day in the life of your farm is like. Remember, the more you share with them, the more they will want to be a part of your community.

Being at a market is a great way to showcase who you are. Be creative. Have a special on your greens because it's getting greener out -- or just because you have way too much mizuna!

Send customers home with your product, plus a little something extra. Give them a pin, a pen, a hug. Tell them to come visit the farm. Have people sign up for your emails or “Like” your farm on Facebook. The market manager works to get folks to the market, but your email reminders are also helpful to the shoppers.

Make your farm stand out with events, flyers, and little treats for shoppers and they will be undoubtedly loyal to you.

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