Social Media for Farmers

Social Media tools are continuing to build momentum and it’s important for your farm to get on board! Free online websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube can be great resources to connect with your customers about products, and educate the community about your farm and practices. These sites can also serve as a support system for you and your fellow farmers, as well as a platform for reaching out to policymakers. Here are a few quick examples of how to get started with social media sites:

  • Facebook - A great example of a producer using Facebook to connect with customers is Aquidenck Honey.
  • Twitter – Wishing Stone Farm often highlights recipes, or their farmers market schedules, or links to articles on farm policy.
  • Blog – An urban farm in Providence called Backyard Farms CSA put together a blog that utilizes great photos to showcase the farmers’ day-to-day activities. To set one up quickly and easily, try or Flickr is a free photo sharing site if you have lots of pictures to share!
  • Youtube and Vimeo – Videos that tell your farm’s story are also a great way to transport customers to your farm! Silverbrook Farm in Dartmouth, MA produced a video that describes the farm’s history and current operations.
  • Email Services – Free email tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and can offer pre-built templates, that look very professional, and can keep you connected to your fans, customers, supporters etc via email.
  • Googlemaps – You can set up your farm listing on Google Maps as a “place” so that when you google the name of your farm, the listing will show on the map. This can be a great resource, especially for visitors to the farm.

Other Social Media Resources:

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