Sample Business Description

We have formed J & J Farms, LLC. This LLC will be the operating company that will lease and raise a variety of traditional and specialty crops on our anticipated purchase of the 20 acre farm (to be owned by Jon and Joe Farmer personally) located on Beginner Farm Road in Startup, Rhode Island. This property has 16 acres of tillable cropland and an old 30’ X 60’ storage barn in fair condition. The remaining four acres are lightly wooded.

This farm business will take advantage of the sterling reputation that Joe Farmer Sr. has developed as a grower of superior quality vegetable products, while avoiding the drawback of his surly disposition.

Plan of Action
Jon will be the primary grower and intends to raise about 40 different varieties of vegetables that should be available from late May through mid-October. These crops will be sold through a CSA developed and marketed by Joe, along with selling at two farmers markets, one at Brown University (his alma mater) and one in downtown Providence.

Crops will also be for sale at the farm and the farm will also serve as a CSA pickup location, though it is anticipated that 2/3rd of the sales will occur either through the delivery of CSA shares or through the farmers markets. Educational classes may ultimately be offered at the farm, but not until the barn is fixed up and a “mini classroom area” established.

Labor Force
For the first few years we will be the only employees, occasionally supplemented by unpaid family help through the exchange of their dad doing fieldwork for them (his farm is only 10 miles away and he has larger and more modern equipment) that will be offset by Jon helping his father with crop work when time permits.

Growth Plan
We would like to grow this operation fairly rapidly. We anticipate 120 CSA members in year one, 240 CSA members in year two and 360 CSA members in year three. Additional growth in future years will depend upon the ability to rent additional cropland as we anticipate the current cropland will only be able to support a maximum of CSA members based on their estimate of 25 CSA members per crop acre. The farm markets will be primarily used as a location to sell excess vegetables. Future plans are to grow and sell “ethnic produce” based on a marketing study that Joe is currently working on. This may require adding some hoop greenhouses to start crops sooner and potentially run later in the season.

Equipment on hand Value
JD 4 wheel drive 50 HP tractor $15,000
JD utility tractor $ 5,000
Deep zone tiller $ 3,000
Raised bed $ 2,000
Harrow $ 1,000
Utility wagon $ 1,000
Ford F250 $10,000
Misc. Tools $11,000
Sprayer $ 2,000
Total $50,000
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