Sample Marketing Plan

We have both worked (both paid and unpaid) closely with Farm Fresh Rhode Island, which has given us a great network of contacts. Joe has also developed a website for the farm, along with a Facebook account and twitter site. We will also be linked to the Farm Fresh website which had over one million hits last year.

Joe already has commitments for 64 CSA customers, which brings us more than halfway to our first year goal. Joe is very detail oriented and posts on the website, Facebook and twitter at least twice a week and responds to CSA inquiries within 24 hours.

Our big marketing pitch is our combo lettuce special. Through years of trial, Joe Farmer Sr. developed three types of lettuce that when mixed together in a salad have both a pleasing taste and look, based on colors and texture. Joe has test marketed these lettuce varieties in two high end restaurants in Providence to rave reviews. This may also be a future marketing opportunity.

Marketing Effort
Based on the marketing success to date, we do not anticipate the need to utilize discounts or coupons. Our only discount is for CSA customers that sign up and pay by January 15th who get a 10% discount and those that sign up and pay by February 15th and get a 5% discount off the $500/share farm pick and $650/share delivery (within 20 miles) rate. Note: No new CSA customers will be able to join after May 1st in order to allow adequate crop planning.

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