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Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers
Website URL: http://www.agroliquid.com
Abstract: Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers manufactures and markets in-house formulated and branded liquid fertilizer products. Incorporated in 1983, the well-known Michigan-based agricultural company has worked years ahead of the industry response to the demand for environmentally friendly products. Our products allow the application of more usable plant food and in smaller quantities; yet by stressing the importance of balanced formulations that include micro nutrients they achieve the same, and often better, results.
Agro-K Corp.
Website URL: http://www.agro-k.com
Abstract: Agro-K Corp. Provides foliar fertilizers, soil amendments, spray adjuvants and specialty products for growers.
Berger Peat Moss
Website URL: http://www.bergerpeatmoss.com
Abstract: Berger Peat Moss is a large peat moss and organic mix supplier.
Keywords: organic mix , peat moss