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Cape Cod Cranberry Growers' Association
Website URL: http://www.cranberries.org
Abstract: The Cape Cod Cranberry Grower's Association goal is to sustain and promote the growth of cranberry growers. Through extensive research, they offer assistance to cranberry growers as well as frost protection alerts.
International Fruit Tree Association
Website URL: http://www.ifruittree.org
Abstract: The International Fruit Tree Association mission is to promote an understanding of the nature and use of dwarf fruit trees through research, education and dissemination of information.
Massachusetts Fruit Growers Association
Website URL: http://massfruitgrowers.org
Abstract: The Massachusetts Fruit Growers Association (MFGA) is a proponent of fruit growing in Massachusetts and New England. With the aid and assistance from UMASS Cooperative Extension, our members are provided with ongoing research and education in the the industry.
Keywords: apple , education , fruit , research
New England Apple Association
Website URL: http://www.newenglandapples.org
Abstract: The New England Apple Association is a nonprofit, grower funded organization charged with education and promotion of New England apples using the brand-name New England Apples.
North American Raspberry and Blackberry Association
Website URL: http://www.raspberryblackberry.com
Abstract: The North American Raspberry & Blackberry Association promotes the production and marketing of raspberries and blackberries in North America through communication, education, and research. As well as providing a unified voice to represent the bramble industry and to promote blackberries and raspberries to the general public.
Keywords: marketing
North American Strawberry Growers Association
Website URL: http://www.nasga.org
Abstract: The North American Strawberry Growers Association is grower-based association strongly rooted in the original philosophy that ongoing research will provide knowledge to strengthen and improve strawberry production and marketing.
RI Fruit Growers Association
Website URL: http://www.rifruitgrowers.org
Abstract: The Rhode Island Fruit Growers Association consists of farmers and hobbyist growing tree fruits and small fruits (such as blueberries and strawberries). We provide educational opportunities and production-related weather monitoring services.
U.S. Apple Association
Website URL: http://www.usapple.org
Abstract: The U.S. Apple Association's mission is to provide to all segments of the U.S. apple industry the means to profitably produce and market apples and apple products. We are committed to serving the entire U.S. apple industry by representing the industry on national issues, increasing the demand for apples and apple products, and providing information on matters pertaining to the apple industry.
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