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AgraQuest Inc.
Website URL: http://www.agraquest.com
Abstract: AgraQuest provides effective fungicide and pesticide products that offer enhanced quality and yield, improved resistance management and positive environment and safety profiles.
Keywords: fungicide , pesticides
Arclay LLC
Website URL: http://www.arclay.com
Abstract: Arclay LLC creates, develops and markets natural technologies. It focuses on Natural Clay Mineral Suspension Technologies (MST) to naturalize health and personal care, agricultural, environmental and other functional products and innovations. Arclay LLC markets natural technologies and ingredients to major corporations in their quest to offer more natural products and meet growing consumer expectations to reduce the use of health damaging ingredients and processes.
Arysta LifeSciences
Website URL: http://www.arystalifesciences.com
Abstract: Arysta LifeSciences is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry and is currently the world's largest privately held agrochemical company.
Bayer Crop Science
Website URL: http://www.BayerCropSciencesUS.com
Abstract: At Bayer Cropsciences, our Crop Protection activities are focused on four fields: Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides and Seed Treatment.
BioSafe Systems
Website URL: http://www.biosafesystems.com
Abstract: BioSafe Systems is a manufacturer of disease control products for crops pre-and post harvest.
Certis USA
Website URL: http://www.CertisUSA.com
Abstract: Certis USA is a pioneer in the development of biological pesticides and has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of biopesticides.
Chemtura AgroSolutions
Website URL: http://chemturaagrosolutions.com
Abstract: Chemtura AgroSolutions is a leading global provider of pest control products, offering a comprehensive line of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, miticides, plant growth regulators and seed treatment products that improve the quality and increase yields for a broad range of crops across the globe.
Dow AgroSciences LLC
Website URL: http://www.farmsmart.com
Abstract: Dow AgroSciences LLC products and services are designed to solve pressing crop production problems for our customers, boosting agricultural productivity to maximum sustainable levels to keep pace with the growing needs of our world’s rapidly expanding population. Our research focus is on game changing technologies to provide better crops, better plant nutrition and better control of destructive crop and noncrop weed and insect pests. The goal of our research efforts is faster, better, more efficient, more productive and more viable agriculture long-term, because our world’s future depends upon crop production technology.
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